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Shinobu Igarashi comes to clean house, and ends up playing soapland with the owner | JapanHDV

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Description: Shinobu Igarashi has a life of service. She is a home cleaner in Chinese. As often happens, single men are busy with work and do not have time to clean their own homes. Shinobu has spent a lot of time cleaning homes of single men and come to release what it is they need the most. Shinobu enjoys cleaning homes and because she is so serious about cleanliness she always cleans naked. She feels the house should be as clean as her naked body. Of course the single men who are at home love to watch her get on her knees and clean the floor as her tits sway back and forth. Shinobu has a beautiful Japanese Av Model housewife body, solid with a set of nice large natural tits that sway as she rubs and scrubs the kitchen counters and living room floors. Today the owner of the house can not look away as he follows into each room as she cleans. He is going go take a shower and Shinobu offers to help him get clean as she also offers the service of cleaning not only the house but the owner of the house. She enjoys this part of the service as much as the other as she gets naked and slips into the bath with her master. She takes her time to soap him up and as if in a Tokyo Soapland she uses her naked body and large tits to wash him clean. Shinobu really gets him clean as she jerks at his cock and sucks him off making sure to clean his cock as best she can with her mouth as he unloads a whole bunch of cum in her mouth. She is just dripping with cum as he seems to have been saving it up for some time and she has done her job so well she sucks and licks his dick clean after he comes in her mouth.
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