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Saho Mikura does a sample porn shoot to get a job as an AV actress - JapanHDV

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Description: Saho Mikura is now a divorced Over 40 but her husband continues to live with her. It seems that because he has so much debt he does not have the ability to pay it off and afford his own place to live. Her husband was her high school boyfriend but since being married for the past two years he has incurred a lot of debt. Saho has come to the office today looking for a way that she can help relieve this large debt. Saho is told that if she were to take some nude photos and a have a sample shoot that these could be given to a studio and she could be offered some work that as a AV actress and that she would be paid enough to pay off the large debt her husband has. Saho has agreed to this and puts on some lecherous lingerie so that they can take photos of her and perhaps get her a contract with a studio so she can work. Saho has a beautiful body and is hoping that this photo shoot is enough to get her noticed by a studio and get her some work. She is somewhat nervous to take off her clothes and pose in lingerie in front of the photographer. Since she needs money so much she is coaxed into taking off her bra so they can take photos of her topless. This is the start of her nude photo shoot as the photographer is not too pleased that her expressions. He suggests that since touching herself has not worked out too well for this photo shoot that she touch a man and perhaps this will improve her performance. She agrees to suck off the model while being filmed. This goes so well, that another model joins in so she can suck both of them off at once. She then gets a mouthful of cum as the models unload in her cute mouth.
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