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Reina Wamatsu helps cure a patient of erectile dysfunction by fucking him | JapanHDV

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Description: Reina Wamatsu is hard at work at her new hospital. She has been learning as much as she can with each new patient and the issues their hospital stay has presented. Today she moves on to a new patient. She has no idea why the man in room three is in the hospital and she has gone in to see how he is feeling. He informs her that he is feeling better and that he has an issue with erectile dysfunction, and he has been in the there for six months. He shows her his hard cock and that the reason he is now better is because of her as she is a beautiful nurse and this has cured him of his erectile dysfunction. He is so grateful that she has come to work in the hospital and that he is now able to use his cock. It is exciting for him to see her cute figure every day as she checks in on all the patients. He grabs her and starts to pull her close to him and kisses her mouth and starts to feel her body all over. He goes to unzip her uniform and pull off her bra so he can see her budding tits and play with them. He lays her down on the bed after spending some time on her nipples sucking and licking them. He spreads her legs and notices that her panties are wet from all the pleasure he has given her with his titty play. He then takes off her pantyhose and then her panties so she can go do work licking and playing with her cute pussy. He probes her pussy with his finger while licking her ass. She is so wet from all this stimulation that he lays down and has her sit on his face so he can enjoy watching her pussy rubbing up and down all over him. He then proceeds to fuck her in many positions right there in the hospital bed he has been in for six months. She is so tiny and cute he turns her around and slides his cock in her from behind and fucks her doggy style. He then lays her out and spreads her legs for the final fucking and he lets go of all his cum deep inside her pussy.
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