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Eri Fujino gets a visit from her brother in law while masturbating | JapanHDV

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Description: Eri Fujino is at home masturbating when her brother in law shows up at her apartment. She has hidden her vibrator in the sofa when she hears the doorbell ring and her brother in law has found it tucked away under the cushions. Her husband is out at the moment and so her brother in law is quite bold to confront her about what she has been doing all afternoon. He is so interested in what she has been doing he asks her to continue and show him how she masturbates. Eri is shy but this excites her and she agrees to show him how she gets off in the afternoons when she is alone at home. Since she smells so good and it is making him so horny watching her take off her clothes and play with herself he has decided he wants a piece of her and is going to take off her panties and do some work on her himself. He lifts her legs up and takes a peek at her pretty pink pussy, then he spreads it wide to see how wet it is. She is quivering with excitement as a new man is touching her and getting a look at her naked body. He has his fingers in her pussy very quickly as her legs are open and her pussy lips are spread for him. He examines every inch of her pussy and takes his time to enjoy her pink pussy and take a look as deeply inside as he can. He decides to get her off with her own toys and uses them to get her off but this is not enough as his cock is hungry for his sister in law. He pulls it out for her as she slips it in her mouth and sucks him off. From there, they just get into some nice fucking as they are both naked and ready.
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