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Ai Kamijou has her first day in the office and gets fucked by the boss - JapanHDV

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Description: Being the new lady in the office is very difficult as she has been thrown into a new work environment with new workers and has to try to learn the procedures they employ. The new office girl is easily pushed around as it is her first day and she is not used to the new CEO who is not very kind. Today she has impressed her new boss and he is pleased with her work. He thinks she is the perfect new employee and is so dominating he puts his hands on her tits. He wants her sexually but the Ai says that is not appropriate but if he agrees to pay her more, then she will certainly pleasure him sexually. He agrees as Ai has a sweet mouth and he can not wait to get those lips wrapped around his dick. She pushes him back on the sofa and has him out of his clothes very quickly and has his hard cock out for her to work on. She gets to work right away and has his dick in her mouth and is working on it with her hands and mouth. The boss cannot believe his good luck to have a new female employee who is so good and knows how to suck cock so well too. The boss has a foot fetish so Ai makes sure to play with his cock with her feet in her stockings. The boss is too excited to hold out any longer and starts to rip open her stockings so he can get to her sweet pussy. From there Ai gets her pussy fucked all afternoon in the office which makes her first day a pretty good one.
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