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Marina Matsumoto has a visit from her husbands boss and son’s friend | JapanHDV

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Description: Marina Matsumoto is at home alone and her husband’s boss has stopped by to talk to her husband. She has invited him in to wait for him and given him something to eat and drink. Her son’s friend Satao has also stopped by to see her son who is late getting home so he is there as well waiting for him. The boss has insisted on giving Marina a back massage and becomes quite handsy with her as he thinks she is too pretty a wife for her husband. The boss proceeds to touch her tits and rub her ass and spread her legs open to feel the growing wet spot on her panties. All this time Satao is watching from the dining room. The boss invites him to come over as he is obviously getting turned on as he has pulled out her tits and is massaging her nipples. He comes over to help ‘massage’ her as the boss starts to focus on getting his hands down her panties and feeling her wet pussy. The boss seeing Satao has a huge hard-on asks him to take out his cock for her to see and touch. Mariana pulls down his pants and underwear to see his hard cock staring at her in the face. She gives him a nice touch and pulls his dick into her mouth to suck him off. She blows him until he lets go and comes into her mouth. The boss is so jealous of this he pulls out his dick for Marina to suck as well. He unloads his cum in her mouth as she swallows every drop. Now since Marina has not had a good fuck from her husband in ages she demands that these two return the favour and give her the fuck she deserves for blowing both of them. They both go to work on her fucking her like she and satisfying her.
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