受付嬢完全強姦 Uketsuke jō kanzen gōkan Raped receptionist SHKD-784

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Description: 二人組の強姦魔に拉致された受付嬢のユリ。連日連夜犯され続けた肉体と精神は悲鳴を上げ、終わる事のない苦しみにやがて女は壊れ始める…。残酷非道、救い無き輪姦地獄!狂気のレイプ!衝撃の問題作大公開!! Yuri of the receptionist who was kidnapped by the rapist of two people. The bodies and minds that continued to be committed every other day raise their screams, and the women will start to break until the endless suffering .... Cruel insolence, grievous hell without salvation! Madness rape! Shock problem Problem large release! ! there is an advertisement in Chinese
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