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Description: I understand that this is hard to believe, but the Japanese pornographic actress JULIA, which is quite popular among many users, on the proposed video has sex without nasty little squares. When I stumbled upon this material, I first thought that it was a fake and on the screen just a girl similar to JULIA (since I am not a person closely watching the filmography of this actress). But then I found a censored version of the PPPD-102 JULIA Odious Affair Of Big Housewife movie (2010) and after analyzing what I saw I realized that this is not really a hoax, because the frames from the two versions are identical in the shooting locations and in the action, although 1.5 hours shorter than the old (missing the first scene with sex). Why did this video appear in an uncensored version? Hard to say. But I do not think that this is an Oppai studio leak. Probably this is, apparently, an amateur video in which Julia finds herself at Ikebukuro station, and then goes to the snack bar for a meal, before getting to the hotel. Most likely, this is her amateur video, at the dawn of her career, which the above studio bought from her. Just someone unknown, was the original uncensored. Although the original itself was filmed in 2010, the censored version is dated in all sources by September 2018. Therefore, in the information on the distribution, I indicated exactly 2018 year of publication
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