Korean erotic film "For the First Time 2"

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Description: For the Suevites, we posted this erotic film of Korean production, which is called “For the First Time 2”. However, already in the second minute of viewing we are shown a frank sex scene of two young people on the bed. The guy in the plaid shirt who fucked his girlfriend loves to chat and talk about sex with his friends, forcing one of them to fantasize and imagine his girlfriend lying on the bed and looking passionately at him during dinner. Going home, the guys met a redhead Asian woman right on the road, which was out of her mind, and a young man in a black jacket took her to him. Having woken up, the lady knew that she was in an unfamiliar place, without giving up breakfast with this handsome man. Their relationship is rapidly strengthening thanks to having classic sex in the bedroom. Now they become lovers together, whose sexual life is an example for many young couples. Gorgeous blowjob and vaginal bang are repeated again and again, as if all this is happening for the first time. Toward the end of this movie, we see four people who drink soda at home and then retire in pairs, showing us that their intimate life is normal!
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