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HHH Triple Ecchi ep.4 (Russian voiceover).

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Description: Takashima Shigure is not just the first beauty of the school and the object of lascivious worship of almost the entire male half of the students. She is a member of the student council, a failed (voluntarily) model, she has outstanding success in sports, she won second place in the national exam ... In general, if it were not for one secret passion of the girl, she could very well have a shining halo over her head. And the protagonist of the story, a high school student named Kitakomatsu, while cleaning his class after class, accidentally witnesses the secret side of Takashima's life. The girl, who was idolized by all his classmates, was masturbating on one of the desks, while shouting such vulgarities that Takashima's ears curled into a tube. After discovering that the girl's secret hobby has become not so secret, Takashima decides to involve Chitakomatsu in his love games so that he does not accidentally blurt out about her hobbies. From that day on, the girl's range of love games became almost endless, and Takashima received an unusual nickname - "Living Vibrator" ...
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