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Bust to Bust: Chottokurai Kusatteru no ga Umaindesu yo? 2

Duration: 15:05 Views: 1 600 Submitted: 1 year ago Submitted by:
Description: The protagonist of this story, high school student Igawa, on his way home, was forced to drop in on his classmate Yana, who had been missing classes due to illness for a long time. What was his surprise when he found out that the reason for the absence was not a cold, but the irrepressible desire of the girl to constantly draw yaoi manga. Having familiarized himself with the works, the young man pointed out to her some inconsistencies between her works and reality. Igawa jokingly offers to correct the mistakes in the girl's drawing from his own nature. Yano did not appreciate the joke, and in all seriousness invited the young man to demonstrate to her in detail all the details of male anatomy. She even took the first step, boldly exposing her ample breasts for Igawa. There was nowhere to retreat ... But, the girl did not pick up a pencil in order to capture nature on paper, she immediately rushed to study the “subject” of her interest in the maximum possible ways.
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