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[Shinkiro] STARLESS - ep.04 eng.sub.

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Description: The protagonist Soeitari Yukito was looking for a part-time job for the summer, by chance he saw a magazine with one job ad with a really good salary. He quickly contacted the employer and found out that the place is not yet taken, he quickly agrees. The job was to be a servant in a mansion. He arrived on the first day of his work. Upon arriving at the mansion deep in the mountains, he was surprised by the size of the garden and the sumptuous building itself… everything was in line with the rich of the rich. The beautiful mistress of the mansion and her equally beautiful daughters came out to greet him. However, that day his expectations turned into despair and bewilderment, and then. By the time he found out the reason for the high wages he was being offered for the work of a simple craftsman, it was already too late... the job that was waiting for him had only the generic name of a handyman. He joined several other servants at the complete disposal of the mansion's mistress, who is given work to cater to every perverse whim of her odd family.
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