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Alexa Flexy - ass fuck Against the Clock

Duration: 46:14 Views: 2 411 Submitted: 1 year ago Submitted by:
Description: When Alexa Flexy's BF keeps bugging her for fuck ass, she finally suggests a deal: if she can make him cum in under three minutes, he can never bring it up again. Kos Devils agrees, with a counter offer: if he can make her cum in less than three minutes, she gives up her ass! Kos stands up against Alexa's best blowjob skills till the buzzer sounds, then licks pussy like he's never licked it before, and he gets the reward he's been aiming for: his thick cock in his hot girlfriend's tight backdoor!
Categories: Anal Big tits Blonde
Models: Alexa Flexy
Download: 360p, 154.78 Mb