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I didn’t know how to cure the disease, but my half-brother found a pleasant way

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Description: Blonde Kylie Page has been feeling bad for several days. The whole body aches, the throat hurts, in general, unpleasant feelings. Then her half-brother decided to visit her to ask if she needed any help. After some conversations, the insolent man suggested an unusual way of treating a sore throat. The whore had only to give her brother a blowjob, and then everything would pass in an instant. The sister doubted at first, but the sore throat got her so much that in the end the bitch made a slobbering blowjob. And about a miracle! Hot semen reduced the inflammation in the throat. The first part is done, but what to do with the weakness in the whole body? The answer is simple - you just need to have a good fuck with your brother on the bed. What beauty did. And as a gift she received another portion of white medicine in her slobbering mouth.
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