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Seika Jogakuin Kounin Sao Ojisan - 02 of 04 (cen)

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Description: After my friend’s business went bankrupt, he went missing, and because I was the guarantor of the loans, his debts passed to me ... Now I have a huge debt, and I can’t tell my family about it can. I was incredibly depressed, crushed with despair. And then I found out about some unusual job with a huge salary. There is such a women's academy Seika in which the offspring of the richest and most successful people in Japan study. And it has an internal system that no one knows about. Noble girls are not allowed to have relationships, but what is the will of hardened hypocrites against puberty? For the most dissatisfied with their state of affairs in the academy, there is a system for selecting men for students for, to put it mildly, recreational purposes. I was in too much debt to miss this chance and I got this job. The age of the girls that I have to fuck is not much different from the age of my daughter and it's a little annoying. They are way too slutty for their age...
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