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Giselle Palmer, Sarah Vandella - Work Cums First

Duration: 49:37 Views: 2 186 Submitted: 1 year ago Submitted by:
Description: When Giselle’s boss asks her to bring over some important documents that just can’t wait, she jumps at the chance to impress, having idolized her boss for quite some time. The door is unlocked when she arrives, and Giselle steps into the lavish home to find her boss (Sarah Vandella) and her boss’s husband (Stirling Cooper) dressed for a party. She demurely offers to leave, not wanting them to be late to their event, but the couple has no intention of letting such a gorgeous babe like Giselle out of their clutches anytime soon. Work may cum first, but one can hardly call the kind of fun this flirty trio gets up to be anything like work.
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