Una botta di vita / 1988 rus

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Description: Summer in the city ... Well, what a life, everyone left, the city became extinct, only the old people remained ... And so, one night retired Mondardini and Battistini completely spontaneously decide to forget for a while about the boring everyday life and about their provincial town in Emilia. And in the morning they throw some simple belongings into an ancient, but just like a new car to go to the coast, where their old friend lives and have a good time. But when attractive nurses appear on their horizon, both friends fall in love with women, they immediately have ideas on how to spend their holidays. So, Elvio and Giuseppe come to the nudist beach, but they are asked to leave, as they are not naked, but how ... how can you leave ... what a bad luck ... and even one smart girl slipped them a "magic" cigarette .. .
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