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Sex application on the phone helped the student to fuck hentai bitches

Duration: 18:58 Views: 8 103 Submitted: 2 years ago Submitted by:
Description: A funny anime with Russian subtitles tells the story of a nerd who was lucky to find a strange app on his phone. He came across a dumb ad that turned out to be true. Thanks to the program on his smartphone, he was able to hypnotize the women and subdue them to his own will. Chikuli began to obey the orders of the chelik and fulfill any wishes. First of all, he fucked the most popular bitch in the university, climbing with her on the roof, and a little later the unexpected happens. He was burned by another girl, and so that she would not blab too much to everyone, the cunning tipok pulled her on the dick as well. It turns out to be a great hentai adventure.
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