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I Share My Girlfriend – Aya Shiina comes to get fucked by us today | JapanHDV

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Description: I Share My Girlfriend – Aya Shiina. Aya Shiina and her husband have come to the studio today. This is the first time that Aya has ever been on camera getting naked. This couple has wanted a child that can one day take over the family business that they run. Since they have tried for so long to have a child unsuccessfully they have come to see if Aya can be impregnated by our team. We are very happy to comply as Aya is a delicious piece of ass and we are very excited to get into her pussy. Aya starts off by showing us how she touches herself. She enjoys getting naked and slipping a finger in her pussy to get off and often does this in front of her husband. She takes off her clothes for us and shows us her cute pink bra and panties. She shows off her tits and rubs her nipples for us. She has a very nice set of tits and she loves to rub her nipples for us. She takes one tit in her hand and uses her fingers to stimulate her nipples and get them hard. This titty play is getting her hot and she then reaches down between her legs, spreads her legs wide and starts playing with her clit on the outside of her pink panties. She is getting horny and wanting cock and she slips off her panties so she can really get into her pussy and rub it correctly. Aya goes all in and shows us how she loves to play with her pussy and climax. Her husband is still with us and loves to watch his wife get naked and finger herself for us.
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