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Yuzuki meets with customers as a new office girl and fucks him | JapanHDV

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Description: Yuzuki has been hired based on her interview with the boss. She was told that she did an excellent job in her interview and that her pussy is fantastic and her cute figure will be an asset to their business. Today, the manager of the office has informed her that a new customer will be coming in today and she will be in charge of this case. The new customer has brought a friend along to the Pussy Shop to help in his problem and one he hopes Yuzuki can help with is that he has a fiancé and he is interested in understanding how a threesome works if by chance his new bride should request this from him. Yuzuki understands the situation and is willing to help with this case and since it is her first day at the Pussy shop she is not sure how to proceed. The client suggest she sit between him and his friend and they start to grope her tits and undo her top so they can play with her nipples. One of the men kisses her while the other continues to rub his hand all over her body. She is eager to help and allows both men to do as they please with her and learn from her how to do a threesome. Things seem to be going well at her new job as she quite easily allows both men to feel her tits and kiss her body and even allows the soon to be husband to spread open her legs, move her cute pink panties aside and go to work on her pussy to get it juicy wet. She has a beautiful Thai pussy, so cute and tight and they take off her panties and go to work kissing her asshole from behind while she kisses the other man as he learns how to properly take off her bra. When she completely naked she has one man with his cock in her mouth and the other is working away on her pussy. This whole training session goes very well with both men getting their cocks sucked and they both stick their cocks in her pussy for the ultimate creampie finale. Her pussy just oozes with cum as one man unloads inside her and the other goes to work on her mouth with his dick getting a good licking.
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