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Sara Yurikawa’s old friend comes over and she helps him fuck for the first time | JapanHDV

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Description: Sara Yurikawa was married to a Yakuza boss and has been remembering how he would come home from a day of fighting hungry to have his cock sucked. Sara has come upon an old friend being bullied in the street and brings him back to her house to bandage him up. She explains that he has to be tougher with bullies but since he is a virgin he is just too weak and only does his fighting playing video games. She asks him to take out his cock so she can check it out and maybe help him out. She is the first girl to take out his cock and play with it. Sara is kind enough to help her old friend out and allows him to see a milf, her, naked for the first time. She takes off her top and encourages him to touch her tits and enjoy the boobs of a milf for the first time. She sees how hard he is and decides that her mouth on his cock would be a nice experience so she sucks on his dick for a bit and then he asks if he can kiss her. He does and then he gains more confidence to have her lay down and spread her legs while he uses his fingers to get her pussy nice and wet. He rubs her pretty clit back and forth while Sara moans with pleasure. Since this is a day of first he leans down and sticks his tongue deep inside her pussy. This is good enough that Sara asks him to do it together to enjoy some mutual sucking engage in some sixty-nine action. This gets her wet enough and horny enough that she has him lay on the floor and she hops on top of his cock fucking him riding her hard as he watches her tits bounce up and down. They then move to the sofa where he continues to fuck her and enjoy her naked body for the first time. He is so full of cum he finally blows all of it into her pussy as she moans with the pleasure of his thrusting cock.
Models: SARA
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