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Pretty Nurse Reina Wamatsu jerks off her patient for a face full of cum | JapanHDV

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Description: Reina Wamatsu is a nurse who has just started work at a hospital. It is a bit strange for her as she is so new it is not comfortable yet. She needs to get used to this new place and the patients that are there. She is quite young and very pretty and most patients are happy to have her care for them. Today she has a patient that says he can not give a cum sample as his dick seems to be clogged up. She is going to do him the service of unclogging his cock with her hands. We can this service, cleaning the pipe. She pulls down his hospital gown to expose his cock and see the problem first hand. She takes a hold of his cock and starts to jerk him off and get him hard. But to get hard the patient says he needs her to also grab his balls. That will surely help in getting his dick unclogged. She works away on his cock massaging his balls and jerking him off. The patient suggests that perhaps if she were to pull out her breasts for him he would be able to relieve himself and give her the sample. She continues to jerk him off as he enjoys watching her cute breasts and her petite hands stroking his cock. This is a new experience for Reina and she makes it a learning experience for her. She continues to jerk him off and get the sample of sperm the hospital needs from this patient. He is getting very horny now as Reina is so cute and her tits so nice and the feel of her hand on his cock so wonderful. He is ready to explode and jumps up from bed and stands up and takes a hold of his cock and jerks it himself unloading all of his sperm in her face. She takes all of this as he enjoys watching his cum slide down her pretty face.
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