Innocenza e turbamento / Невинность и преступление

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Yet another Commedia All' Italiana in which a gorgeous newlywed seduces her virginal stepson; like similar entries in the distinctly Sicilian genre I recently watched, however, this one fizzles out after a promising (and, in its case, consistently funny) first half. Still, the oversexed antics of Vittorio Caprioli and, especially, Lionel Stander keep one watching - as does the overeating routine of the former's chubby son. 'Dirty Old Man' Stander's hard-on incident (with resulting scruffy hairdo) and the virginal son's late-night tryst with the local big-breasted momma are the film's tasteless highlights. Besides, the satirical look on seminary priests in the film's initial stages verges on the heretical - as it depicts them watching porn mags, touching one another in class, etc. Edwige Fenech looks good in the nude, of course, but she plays a largely unsympathetic character here - but, then, the novice stepson doesn't exactly win audience sympathy either (rather incongruously, he keeps score of his father's hit-and-miss bedtime romps). The film features a nice jovial score - pretty much the norm with this type of film (though it does turn kind of serious towards the end, with the spiritual/carnal conflicts afflicting the boy).


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